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    Smart Antimicrobials has developed cutting edge technologies that prevent the spread of germs and products that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Whether in the home, office, retail store, restaurant, health club, hospital or any other place where dangerous contagions are found, Smart Antimicrobials has engineered simple, green solutions that are proven effective in eliminating, reducing or inhibiting any virus, bacteria or other pathogen currently known. Get Smart!

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    Browse our catalog for industry solutions and product lines, such as Bath Towels, Bed Sheets, Blankets, Clothing Protectors, Hyperbaric Linen, Kitchen Products, O.R. Towels & Sheets, Patient Apparel, Pediatric Apparel, Pillows, Scrubs, Underpads and many other products.

Green and Clean. Protects against Viruses, Bacteria and Superbugs!
Smart FabRx with Bio-Protect
Our Technology
Studies have shown that our non-toxic and long-lasting antimicrobial fabrics are exceptionally durable as our protective additives increase tensile strength. Moreover our fabrics retain bacteria resistant efficacy even after 100 washes!
Smart FabRx with Bio-Protect is odorless and colorless, highly durable, non-toxic and provides long-term protection to our fabrics from a wide range of microbial growth. Our unique technology made without silver or other poisons, is non-leaching and inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae by up to 99.99%. Smart FabRx with our Bio-Protect mechanism helps destroy microbes and hinders the adaptive resistance to superbugs.
Industry Research

Nearly 100,000 people die annually due to healthcare associated infections (HAIs). In addition, patients who develop HAIs are likely to experience longer hospital stays – with the average length of stay for a patient with an HAI at about 22 days, while those without an HAI (adjusting for patient differences) have an average stay of about five days. Patients with HAIs are 30% more likely to return to the hospital, compared to just 6% for patients without this complication. Total costs added to the healthcare system from HAIs are estimated at between $35 and $88 billion per annum.


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